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  • Beware: WyldTreeBark / Jasper / d0gofThunder

    • Who: PeriwinkleDog | Jasper | Ramsay| Caktus| Parker |d0gofThunder
      Where: https://twitter.com/WyldTreeBark
      When: 01/12/2022
      What: Commission

    I reached out to @WyldTreeBark back in January 10, 2022.   My intention was to commission 2 (which became 3) headshot expressions of my OC Wulden ($60).

    Conversation carried over into January 12, 2022 where I officially sent my first payment.  I had followed them on twitter and interacted with them for a few weeks.  They had offered another simple "derpy" expression so I opted to commission one of those too (8 bucks cheap, Commission request made Feb 17, 2022 with a payment sent Feb 21, 2022). 

    As the days moved with no progress reports about my specific commissions noticed that they were experiencing some personal troubles.  I let them know that I am patient so don't stress about my commission too much.  That post was March 11, 2022.

    I noticed that through may and into June, this artist had opened up a few times for more  commissions, and took on a few more, but I had not received a single notice or progress report regarding my paid for commissions.  I made my final message requesting a progress report on their que to see where my commissions placed, and still received no response.

    After consulting a few friends, they brought to my attention that the last time they even looked at my messages was Feb 21 (the confirmation of payment).  They promptly recommended that I just process a refund before it was too late.

    I have managed to get a successful refund from PayPal for the original $60 purchase, I am still waiting for the 8 dollar purchase.

    I have included the entire communication list (private messages) I have made with this artist as they have all been oriented toward the business I paid for.  I have also included the two PayPal snapshots of my purchase confirmation, and included the successful refund snapshot too.









    Edited by James
    censored paypal.me

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