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  • Beware: UtikaBu

    • Who: UtikaBu
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/utikabu
      When: 10/25/2020
      What: Commission

    I was part of an auction of UtikaBu the auction is still here and his comment on winning.

    I won the auction on 25. Oct 2020



    After this we exchanged our discord tags to talk about details there.

    We agreed to add some clothes to the picture wich would increase the price by 20 $



    The artist was active and was slowly getting trough his queue all fine from this point so far.


    After some time he stopped posting stuff on FA and/or Twitter. This is where the silence began.

    After roughly 4 months I asked him for an update on his queue on 06. Feb. 2021. Sadly no response


    I waited and another month pasted and I sended him a note on FA on 15. Mar. 2021


    Wich is still unread to this day


    I also wrote an email to his email address that is behind his paypal account he uses, wich reminds to look into the notes and discord messages. (Also no response yet)


    Edited by Celestina
    removed proxy

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    • Administrator

    We've got this approved, but as a heads up: you should file a dispute and escalate to a claim while you can.

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