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  • Beware: Sheril / SherilAl

    • Who: Sheril, Sheril1, SherilAl, SherilAlian, AlianSheril, Cardamonfox
      Where: https://t.me/sherilal
      When: 12/03/2022
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Bought a slot on their YCH here as the user Beat: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49968071/ [NSFW LINK]


    Was told to write them on Discord, which i then did. They already didnt answer for a few days until I gave them a nudge.


    And after that she basically stopped responding to anything. (On the point where in discord I say "you told me to ping you again, read the convo screenshots from my FA PMs, i used that to get her to answer)


    They never sent me any updates or posted them to her accounts, only a few apologies to her FA journals with no answers about status of comms. She is still posting YCHs with payment over Boosty, so no way to refund if this happens.


    Edited by James
    tossed in request for refund

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    I currently am in talks with 5 other people who have also been ghosted and already paid, including myself.
    Tragic I didnt see this post before I commissioned them.

    It seems to be coming to a head though with how many people are getting together about this.

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    I should have known to check here first after a simple YCH was taking longer than a few months. I've been waiting for mine since May of 2023. This ghosting nonsense is ridiculous.

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