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  • Beware Pitfall Pup

    • Who: @pitfallpup
      Where: https://twitter.com/PitfallPup
      When: 08/26/2022
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content Resolved


    I asked for a two person commission 


    He agreed as you can see


    proof of payment


    I ask for another update because I've recieved nothing so far


    Here's me getting ghosted for several months before finally getting a reply finally after floating the idea of a refund


    First wip


    Me getting ghosted again for several more months (we are now well past the paypal refund date I know, my bad)

    Here, he promises to finish my commission in a week after not talking to me for months, he has been uploading other people's commissions during all this time though.


    I agree to give him a week because I have no real means of recourse anyway


    Second wip




    And now just me sending messages into the void, he is currently posting on twitter though.

    At this point I don't really expect to get anything, not a picture, not my money back. To be honest I've stopped caring about the image altogether, I actually just want a refund since it's clear the artist has zero interest in doing my commission. I won't hold my breath for anything though. I hope at least some of you won't repeat my expensive mistakes now I know to never let an artist drag things past the paypal chargeback date.

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