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  • Beware: MieruMonaru

    • Who: MieruMonaru
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mierumonaru/
      When: 05/24/2023
      What: YCH
      NSFW Content

    Commissioned art and YCH purchase on 5/24/2023

    This Beware does contain NSFW elements,

    All communications were handled in discord

    After some difficult communication due to a language barrier, we finally came to an understanding and payment was sent



    These are the two payments through boosty, one of these is an error as boosty charged me twice.

    Here is the YCH that was purchased along side a REF sheet slot




    Here is the initial communication between me and the artist, it took a while to come to an understanding but we came to agree that its two ych slots and one commission if they are able to get boosty to send me a refund for the extra $200, knowing boosty from my perspective they is no way to really get a refund unless i want to get my account banned by doing a chargeback as in their eyes it would be considered fraud from some of the other cases i have seen




    They made an announcement on their discord saying that they are burned out due to them working on furry art and would prioritise working on working on human art if some of the people in their discord would like that instead 



    So five months have passed from the initial commission DM's so i sent a DM in discord to see if they have a trello to see where i am in the queue, they apparently do have one but they keep it in private access and its supposedly in their language (even though i could work it out with a translator) in addition they state that the art would be worked on in november, After two months have passed including november which was the supposed date that the commission's was being worked on, so i sent another message to see what is going on... and no response, i waited until january to send another dm and still no response

    image.thumb.png.44218fd9f7c7f68634d6838f0ef19f6b.png(image includes overlapping DM's from earlier images)

    I gave them a warning that if they continue to ghost me, i will be forced to look at my options such as posting an artist beware, after i gave them the warning they responded with this reasoning for their absence despite them streaming on twitch days prior



    Image includes another member of the artist's discord who also became frustrated with how long they are having to wait

    Due to the nature of this i decided to give them time to sort things out on their end and continue to wait, i waited a week as they would supposedly be working on art and sent another DM, they still did not reply, I then waited until this February to send another message and still no response


    still no message from them to as of typing this 2/26/2024

    Here is their twitch activity for this month and prior




    They seem to be working on art for themselves such as emojis for their twitch discord and personal pieces
    it even seems some some of the newer streams are missing

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    A comment was not approved under item 1 of our guidelines.

    No proxy/ third party posts.

    If you would like to update on the situation as it currently is, you may focus on the public comments made by the artist, not anyone else. If other individuals have been affected by this artist's practices, we encourage them to come forward on their own terms to discuss their experience with Mieru.

    Censoring the names of 3rd parties not involved in your transaction is not an acceptable means to get around this.

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    After posting the beware publicly in their discord they made this public comment


    Also the Image in question that was on the stream was this cat soldier 


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