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  • Beware: Kittbites

    • Who: Kittbites / Kitt
      Where: https://www.patreon.com/kittbites / https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kittbites/
      When: 06/01/2021
      What: Commission

    I started supporting Kittbites on Patreon at their $85 per month tier, which includes a single character commission each month.


    • Paid June 1 (Supporting May)
    • Paid July 1 (Supporting June)
    • Paid August 1 (Supporting July)
    • Paid September 1 (Supporting August)





    The first two months went by without a problem, and I got two commissions.


    I asked for an edit to the pieces, but after that they stopped responding.


    Which especially became a problem as two more months of Patreon support went by. Meaning two months of artwork have not been delivered.

    I reached out to Kitt on their discord server (Unfortunately no screenshot, I lost access to their server).

    I reached out to their manager (Puck) via telegram, and was told Kitt wasn't answering.



    I reached out to Kitt directly, and got no response.





    Edited by James
    removed proxy

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