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  • Beware: Holomouse

    • Who: Holomouse
      Where: https://twitter.com/MouseHolo
      When: 04/01/2021
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    Who: Holomouse

    Where: https://x.com/MouseHolo

    When: Apr 1st, 2021 & April 9th 2021

    What: 2 digital art commissions


    This has dragged on for almost 3 years due to a combination of life happenings, and the fact that I was on my way out of things I had been involved with for almost a decade, and it sat on the back of my mind for a long time because of that.

    No WIPS were ever shown to me after multiple claims that they would be done.

    Initially this was for a 2 character NSFW MLP commission, but subsequent offers were made that I accepted (regretfully). Much of the details of things are blacked out to maintain my privacy as best I can.

    My first commission inquiry was in March 2021, and I initially made contact on Discord to ask if they could provide with quotes so I could get the money to pay them with later:

    1st Inquiry


    After that exchange, they provided a quote of $135 for a two fullbody character piece, and I told them that I would get back to them after my next paycheck:


    On April 1st 2021, I paid for the first commission:


    Proof of payment:


    On April 5th, Holomouse messaged me on Discord asking me for $20 and said they would pay me back in a few days. They cited personal matters stressing them out and needing some help. This is unrelated to the art I paid for, but I did end up giving them $20 as a gesture of kindness. This also started the trend of Holomouse coming to me in private begging for handouts and money, and this happened multiple times:


    On April 9th 2021, Holomouse messaged me on Discord and begged for money, but this came with the offer of another 2 character art piece at a discounted rate of $110. I accepted this offer and sent the payment to them on CashApp. Told them I would give them the commission prompt after they completed the first commission:


    Proof of 2nd payment:


    On April 16th, 2021, the first commission had no progress, but I gave them the prompt for the second commission:


    April 20th, 2021, Holomouse begged me for another $50, and I declined.


    On April 28th, 2021, I poked Holomouse on Discord to try and see if any progress was made on the commissions. They sent back with an excuse:


    May 7th 2021, Holomouse came to me and said that they would be starting work on my commissions soon, but also begged for $25 at the same time:


    The next day on May 8th, they sent me a big message with a screenshot of a note that mentioned paying me back and other personal matters that they needed to tend to:


    Another 20 days pass, and there is no progress to show. Holomouse messages me and begs for money again, and shares an image of their bank account being in the negative as an attempt to manipulate me into sending them money. I declined:


    Another week passes, and Holomouse comes to me wanting to reconfirm the details of the commissions. I told them to scrap the details of the 1st commission and that I would give them a new prompt. Also told them to take the prompt of the 2nd commission and work on that one first. I would give them details for the 2nd after the first one was completed:


    On June 17th 2021, I poked them and gave them details of the prompt for the commission idea that was scrapped. It took them another 2 weeks to respond to this message:


    Now we jump to December 27th 2021. I poke them on Discord for an update and did not get a reply for another week. Things started to get very chaotic after this point, so my attempts at keeping up with this matter become much more delayed going forward:


    On February 11th, 2022 I messaged them and asked when they would be able to start working on the commissions. I got a response, but it was another fake out:


    Another 3 months passed, and on May 26th 2022 I poked them to try and get an update. This went nowhere:


    We get to September 21st 2022 and I poked them yet again. Took them 3 days to respond, and also went nowhere:


    More time passes and this sits for months with no updates. On February 12th 2023, Holomouse sends to me and says that they will be starting soon, and also wanted me to reconfirm what I had wanted. Blacked out section was a Discord screenshot of previous exchanges between the two of us:


    I changed the prompts for the art I wanted from Holo, and gave them references so they could start working. The references and details of these prompts are blacked out to maintain my privacy:



    Several months pass after this, and after confronting them on twitter I was mad because they had taken commissions and completed them several times in the times that I was waiting for the art that I paid them to do. They had deleted Twitter posts of their offerings, and also posts of them begging for money to the public. This is a screenshot of me responding to a deleted post of them offering new commissions to their followers. Note the username that it is a reply to:


    I had already contacted their other customers and clients that Holo had completed work for, and also clients that had waited for months for Holo to do art for them. There were several others affected, but this post is about my experience with Holomouse and not theirs. Needless to say, it was a big problem.

    After confronting on Twitter, this moved to Discord in private. They try to tell me that they will be starting to work on the art soon, and I was having none of that. This all went down on September 14th 2023. At the same time, I was trying to be merciful and set up a way for them to work with me and make it easier on themselves. They could pay me back partially with some art, pay fully in art, or pay me back fully.

    In their replies they mention that they owed back $2000 to other customers...

    We set up a payment plan to pay me back $300, and Holo also took an extra step and said they would fulfill the art while paying back the money they owed me:




    The next day, I gave them a prompt for art they said they would do as repayment:


    3 days later they message and ask for a few clarifying details, and I provide those:


    September 23rd 2023, I message them asking if they will be sending the first $50 as a part of the payment plan, and I received an excuse:


    I message again after another jump in time, and get a delayed response:


    On November 16th 2023, I finally get the first $50 back:


    After this, I continue to get ghosted, and so I gave them an ultimatum after discovering from one of their other customers that they refunded them $95. The whole time I was coordinating with other clients of theirs to try and pressure them at the same time as one another, but this did not work out.

    Holomouse had already started to pay me back, and then decided to tell me that they are prioritizing other clients money before mine.

    I informed them that I would be making a beware post to this site, and they acknowledged this.


    As of now, they still owe me back $250, and they have scrubbed their Twitter account of recent examples of begging and some posts of commission offers. There are screenshots of many of these posts, but they have a fuzzy time format so they do not hold much merit.

    Holomouse has started to become active again on Twitter and has also started to stream on Twitch.


    I still want my money back and it will hopefully make its way back to me eventually.

    Holomouse is still likely going to continue to beg for money on Twitter, Twitch, and in private, but I hope this makes it clear how irresponsible and manipulative they are.





    Changed 3.png




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    removed extra caps

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    Small update - Holomouse has been begging in public again, and then deleting the posts to hide that fact.

    Attached is a screenshot of them doing it yesterday.

    I told them I do not want to hear anything from them unless they have anything to give me, and so far I have not heard anything back. Still watching them like a hawk.


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