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  • Beware Galactirad/ Strawberrydecayy/ @/Cryinggpink

    • Who: Galactirad/Strawberrydecayy
      Where: https://www.etsy.com/galactirad
      When: 10/28/2019
      What: Commission

    I purchased a commission from Galactirad on etsy that was never fulfilled by the artist.  I attempted to contact them twice on etsy about it and recieved no answers. Unfortunately Etsy said I had missed the window on opening a case against Galactirad which means I never recieved my commission or a refund from etsy or the artist.  

    For a long time I was unable to reach Galactirad through etsy or Instagram. For a long time they went silent on social media until recently they announced they would be moving to another Instagram account under the name Strawberrydecayy. I politley contacted them again to see if they would resolve the issue,  instead they blocked me. 

    I've noticed their etsy shop is now closed, but they are still accepting commissions through PayPal. 

    - We originally agreed I would provide references and payment and they would draw me a full body colored image of my character. 

    I've tried to provide adequate proof in chronological order for the event in question.  This includes messages and proof of payment. 













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