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  • Beware Commissioning Kasai619

    • Who: Kasai619
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kasai619
      When: 10/06/2019
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content

    In the beginning of October 2019, I bid on a YCH animation that Kasai619 was auctioning off on their Furaffinity page and ended up being the high bidder.  The YCH post is still visible on their FA page as of this writing. (YCH attached)




    On October sixth they reached out to me on Discord and informed me that I was the high bidder.  I offered to pay more if he would add on a bit more to the animation.  Kasai readily agreed and we settled on a price of $300.  I paid for the animation and received confirmation that it had been received.  They also informed me they were going to use the money to buy a new tablet and sent proof of its purchase as well.












    At first things seemed fine.  I got one sketch of my characters face and an updated clip of the WIP animation.



    After this they continued to keep in touch but every time they messaged me there was a new reason why my commission was delayed.

    They were Sick.



    They were busy.



    They're family members were losing jobs.


    They were distracted by GTA.



    During all this time I was patient and understanding of their issues but was becoming concerned since Kasai was continuing to take in-stream commissions and complete other customers work while my own seemed to be constantly delayed.

    In February of 2021 they contacted me for the last time in regard to my commission.  After this I didn't hear anything for many months.









    Finally in November of 2021 I had enough and asked for a refund.  We agreed on a re-payment plan of twenty dollars every two weeks, and I was hopeful that things would be resolved but once again Kasai went radio silent for many months.  Not a single dollar was ever sent to me. 





    I waited patiently until April of 2022 to reach out to them again but only received a vague excuse about a recent financial difficulty they were experiencing.  I became frustrated and expressed my skepticism of their explanation, but they once again went silent.



    I reached out to them for the last time in September and was re-assured that he was working with someone to find a way to pay me back.  They promised to stay in touch but since then I have heard nothing from them.





    It's far too late to get a Paypal re-fund, and I doubt Kasai will ever pay me back.  Since I considered them a friend I waited years before even thinking of posting anything here but if this helps other's avoid similar difficulties then I guess it's worth it.


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