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  • Beware: ChubbyCappie / kiri__shiba

    • Who: ChubbyCappie / kiri__shiba
      Where: FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/chubbycappie/
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/kiri__shiba
      YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KIRISHIBA/
      When: 11/25/2020
      What: Commission



    TL;DR: ChubbyCappie is keeping me on the hook for a $45 for five months with minimal communication and no proof of progress.


    I never wanted to make a beware for any artist, but given the circumstances and the outcome at this point, my hand has been forced. It may not even be totally relevant for the future since they don't seem to be taking commissions outwardly anymore, but this was still a very poor experience, and warrants a beware as it is the only option I have at this point.

    For context, I have previously commissioned CC before (mid Sept of 2020) and was very happy with the result, not to mention receiving it within three days of me paying/first contacting. I didn't expect this to be any different, except for the fact I've now waited five months and have had minimal communication (all of which was from me to them; they never reached out to me first).


    On November 24th, 2020, I contacted CC for another commission idea I had.


    I received a response the following day and sent my information to them, and I paid the invoice that day.


    Proof of payment (they don't have their name publicly available afaik so I censored it):


    Some time passes, it's now December 12th, and I haven't heard anything, so I reach out to them. I get a response on Dec 20th, and they ask for proof of payment, so I send it to them (censoring URL as it has the above screenshot but with less censored):


    This is the last time I heard from ChubbyCappie for months.

    Mid February of 2021 rolls around and I'm now getting frustrated. I responded to the last message they sent me (I hadn't received any others):


    I receive no response, so in mid March, I send an email to their PayPal email letting them know I'm still waiting and giving them the necessary information. The screenshot cuts off the full text, so I'll include it here, minus the image information.



    I paid you back on Nov 25, 2020 for a commission. The information is on Furaffinity. You’ve been silent on there but I follow your Twitter and have seen you active there. I’m wondering if I’m going to get my commission, or if that’s not possible, then I’d like to receive a refund.

    For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to include all relevant information here.

    I received no response and initiated a chargeback, and finally I received a response.


    SIDE NOTE: I learned too late to NEVER withdraw the claim, even if the artist asks (I was aware it couldn't be reopened but did it anyway), and that is on me, I know. Unfortunately, I did so, hence why I'm writing this beware, since I already made the mistake. Yes I'm still beating myself up for it. And no, I'm not happy that they asked me to cancel it. They may not realize that that's bad form, but still.

    The last time I heard from ChubbyCappie was April 7th, 2021. (link is NSFW so I censored it; the pose I wanted is only suggestive, and there is no NSFW detail in the original links so I didn't censor them)


    Now at the end of April and at my wits' end, I sent them this as a note and email, and then followed with the addendum note/email. They have not seen either yet on FA.



    Some people might think I didn't wait long enough after sending my final heads up before writing this, but consider:

    • I've already been waiting five months
    • I've been struggling to remain in contact
    • Everyone I've vented to about this told me they wouldn't have waited this long
    • I haven't seen a single WIP or any proof they've started on my commission

    I am a very patient, understanding client. I don't mind if people have delays, I understand internet issues. But given their recent activity on their other accounts, the lack of communication is completely unacceptable and honestly insulting, and I will only wait so long.


    Conclusion: I feel awful that I closed the claim and should have either accepted a refund if they didn't want to deal with the limited time frame or done whatever else would have happened. I'm accepting that I will probably just have to bite the bullet on this one and accept the loss of $45, since while I don't believe at all that ChubbyCappie was out to scam me, they did. And that's unacceptable. They continue to be active on YouTube and Twitter and have gone inactive on their FurAffinity, so my only hope is that they catch wind that there is a beware on them and find a way to right this wrong, and I will gladly mark it resolved and move on with no lasting ill-will towards them.

    Thank you for reading. I hope something comes from this, but at this point, I don't know.

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    I wanted to add to this that I commented once on a few of their social media accounts, and they got back to me on FA with a WIP.

    This is NOT yet resolved, but it felt fair to add as an update.


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    If it can be assumed that person is sincere, It is very irresponsible to not keep track of whose money they have taken and for what, and for a prolonged period to casually ignore a site on which they solicit and interact with clients.  Someone like that should not charge any money until they are ready to do the work for it.

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    I agree with bimshwel, even though they did give an update a day ago.  They need to learn better management and I hope they finish your art.

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