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  • Beware captn_hawk

    • Who: Captn_hawk
      Where: https://instagram.com/stfu_hawk
      When: 07/28/2020
      What: Item Trade

    Hawk and I agreed to do a trade where he was to give me a set assortment of video games in return for $50 usd and lots of art from me. 

    I believe he goes by he/him pronouns so that is what I am using for this post. 

    His account has since been deleted so the user is going to be “instagrammer”

    He took a long while to actually tell me what he wanted with reguards to artwork so I didn’t actually start drawing until he picked out said drawings that they wanted me to do.



    He ended up asking me to choose the amount and type of drawings I do for him.


    and this is the reaction to me sending WIP photos of the artwork and eventually finishing them all (images aren’t there anymore) 


    I asked him for his address so I could ship the artwork off as soon as I could and it took them a few days to respond to that.

    I am pretty sure I shipped the box out on October 19th or 20th 2020 and asked him to let me know when he received them.

    I thought it was weird only because I didn’t have any other international or US packages take this long even with the pandemic. 
    I messaged him when I saw that it was delivered and he hadn’t messaged me.


    Since he stated that he had COVID I let him be and didn’t message him for at least 2 weeks. I ended up messaging him for a check up on February 17th because he said he would package it up and send me a picture in the previous message which he didn’t do.

    here he sends me a picture of the labeled package  (just a handwritten one) so I believed the package would be sent that week like they said. I tried not to message him about shipping or tracking at the time it because I didn’t want to seem like I was pestering him.



    Since it took so long one way, I assumed it would take just as much time the other way so I decided to message him about a tracking number when I falsely believed the package was well on its way. This is the last of the messages we sent through Instagram


    when I saw that the Instagram account was deleted I assumed he just ran away, hence my first message to him through Telegram 


    I knew I wasn’t the only one having issues with him (as about 3-4 close friends privately messaged be about similar issues with him as well) 


    to this day I have not received anything out of this “trade”. No artwork or money or games. 
    I tried to be extremely patient this entire time with him as I know he has mental health problems and 2020 was a year, but I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. Talking to him seems to get me nowhere. 

    Edited by James
    censored caps, inserted proof of payment

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    5 hours ago, James said:

    Howdy!  This has been approved due to the sheer length of time.  However, did they ever continue the telegram chat?

    The last screenshot is the last of the conversation I had with him on telegram. I haven’t tried to contact him because aevery time I do, all I seem to get is an excuse.

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    I and many other people are owned either art or pins. I did a pin trade with him and never recieved anything. He tells people different things (some he says he cannot ship out his country and some he says he's waiting on shipping materials) and has a lot of upset pin collectors.

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    4 hours ago, MatchaThylacine said:

    I and many other people are owned either art or pins. I did a pin trade with him and never recieved anything. He tells people different things (some he says he cannot ship out his country and some he says he's waiting on shipping materials) and has a lot of upset pin collectors.

    I’ve heard that from at least 3 people now, but no formal beware. Decided to share my experience. 

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