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  • Beware: Angiefluflu

    • Who: Angiefluflu
      Where: https://www.deviantart.com/angiefluflu
      When: 11/07/2020
      What: Commission

    Before I begin, Deviantarts note system works by reading from bottom to top. So keep that in mind when you try to read the conversation I'v had with this artist.

    Who: angiefluflu

    When: November 5th, 2020

    What: Plush commission ordered through Deviantart of my sona

    Worth: 150$

    Reason for PSA: Refusing to send finished commission to me thinking it will get lost in the mail + various push back dates on my order, possible ghosting

    Proof of purchase


    Somewhere around the 1st to 3rd of November I made a "looking for artist" forum on Deviantart looking to get a lazy plush of my sona, DOOM.
    They commented on my forum and we took it to DM's shortly after.

    I bought this plush on my adoptable account on Deviantart and not my main for clarity of the username.
    They gave me the price of the commission along with the estimated time of being completed at the end of January, which I was fine with, so we went about and did payment.
    I need to say there here, paypal with held the funds for the payment for 21 days. We weren't sure why, and I had to go looking around through paypals tos and found out they held the funds for 21
    30 days for some security reason. Something I've never had an issue with before. Nerveless, they got their payment after the weird with holding.




    Time went by and January rolled around and I had received nothing, since she said it would be done in January. I didn't think too much of it and went about my life.

    In February she shot me a message on Deviantart saying she had been having some personal problems and that my new date was mid-March. I didn't go into dept with her about it since plushes take time and I thanked her for the heads up on my order.


    On April 14th I received a stash link with the preview of my plush, after that I didn't hear back from her till May.


    On May 4th she stated my plush was finished and I would be receiving photos sometime soon. She sent me photos of my plush the next day as a stash link.


    Multiple photos of my plush being completed.



    It's now where I exchange shipping information like address and name. She comments that there's shipping problems due to quarantine, but will ship my commission out the next week after May 14th.

    Also, around April I had ordered a different plush from a different user and replied to her with 'also got the paypal notification too about shipment.' I had thought that she had shipped my order, but it was not her and my other plush I ordered in April instead.


    I learned about my mistake about the notification on June 26th and make sure to send her a message.
    I make a comment about how the Paypal notification wasn't for this order. I guess this would also be considered as a little nudge to see how things were going with shipping since the Paypal notification wasn't this order.

    I was hoping for her to say that it was shipped out or something like that, but instead I was met with the reply that my plush wasn't being shipped out because shipping was too expensive? And that it was at risk of being lost during shipment? I was upset hearing that if I wanted my plush I would have to get quoted for the expensive shipping option or wait for things to improve. As a reminder, shipping WAS included in our agreement.

    So I left this reply to sit since I had to wait for better, cheaper, shipping.


    I don't hear back from her for 2 months. I am infuriated at this point, being told I would have to pay more on shipping to get my plush or simply wait till things got better. But there were no updates from her and I decided to send a rant to her about this whole ordeal. Even asking to be quoted for the shipping, which she never gave me a quote after this exchange. I am also going through the same situation with another artist, so I decided to comment about that as well.


    After my rant and receiving a message back from her in August 26th, I became more enraged. She's too afraid of my plush being lost in the mail, and at that point I would be fine with paying for insurance and tracking if she gave me that option, but instead she doesn't ask if I want tracking or insurance on the package and simply refused to send out my finished order. Not only that, but she now comments that shipping is now higher than before.

    I gave up and had to walk away from our conversation because I was becoming too upset to deal with this issue.
    I never heard back from her after this exchange, and I was left to hopelessly wait until I got my order.
    During the months of waiting, I decided to take up on researching the postal service in her country. I will not state what country it is, but I will say that the postal service she has been talking about isn't having issues. In fact, it's still shipping internationally to my country.

    So with the new information I got from researching her postal service I decided to send her a message, this time saying that I would like insurance and tracking to be added to the package. BUT, I won't send payment for it until I see the recite of the shipment as I don't just want to send her more money and not hear back from her.  A lot of this is blurred because it's information about their countries postal service. This is also the last message I have sent to her, she never opened it or replied to this message. So I am still left in the dark.


    At the beginning of this thread I said possible ghosting, this is because on all of her socials she hasn't been active since around October. So the only way I can communicate with her is through Deviantart, but I have yet to receive any messages back since my last message on November 12th, 2021.


    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    I guess this might relate to here, but after months of inactivity from angiefluflu I have learned that she has now recently posted on her twitter. Her latest post is December 20th so she's starting to become active again..? She has still yet to open my notes on deviantart yet however, so I just wanted to update on her recent activity since she seemed to just stop posting on her socials til now.

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    I decided to try and send a message to her the other night,(12/19/2021), saying that I had been trying to get a hold of her since November and to please read my notes before responding to me. My notes have been read finally and I received a message back from her. She's saying that she had been waiting for me to respond to her note from August 26th, but at that time there really wasn't anything I could even say just because I have no control over when the package gets sent out. She never got the notifications on the note I sent her in November up until I decided to text her on her Twitter. So I'm assuming she probably gets deviantart notifications about notes in her inbox? I'm not sure why she didn't check to see if there was any communication on Deviantart even without getting any notifications if she had the whole email thing set up for notes. 

    She's also saying that the postal service isn't allowing her to send my package now, showing me that it's wrapped up and I guess ready to go.



    I have yet to respond because I'm still trying to figure out the words to use so I don't sound like a dick. And honestly, I don't know how to respond, if the postal service isn't letting her ship my package then what else could I even say to her.

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    On the psa I made about her on toyhouse, someone had pointed out that it seemed evident that she did not read my note at all. That it was most likely just opened to make it seem like she actually read it. They think this is the case because she doesn't state anywhere about the tracking or shipping I requested, along with how she still believes I'm going to pay more for shipping.

    - "if there are no problems with that extra cost I can calculate it to be able to make the shipment" <- the last line of the first paragraph

    You can clearly see that in the note I sent her on November 12th it explicitly stated that I'm fine with paying extra for INSURANCE and TRACKING, but not willing to pay extra for shipping. 

    I did shoot her a message again last night about how I have 0 control over anything at this point, not realizing that she never talked about the insurance or tracking. And as of today, 12/31/2021 I have gotten a response and I had also sent out a reply back to her asking about the note and expressing that I'm not paying extra for shipping, only insurance and tracking.


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