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  • Beware: Wi-Fi The Sergal

    • Who: Wi-Fi The Sergal
      Where: http://aminoapps.com/p/1e02sa
      When: 08/04/2018
      What: Commission




    WHO: Wi-Fi The Sergal

    WHERE: On Furry Amino, their profile: http://aminoapps.com/p/1e02sa

    WHAT: Filed a false chargeback on a digital art order.

    WHEN: 4th of August, 2018

    EXPLAIN: I was browsing through Furry Amino on my phone and saw Wi-Fi posted a blog entry about looking for commissions. Since I had nothing to do, I posted a comment along with examples, a link to my prices and to my reviews. Since they wanted a badge, we found a compromise, he wanted to order a YCH from me instead, conversation was moved to private messages on the same plattform. Proof of commission ad: https://sta.sh/0u65u1xmtul

    We talked more on what they wanted, after I was given enough instructions, I started working on their order immediately. When I was done, I showed them my sketches which were promptly approved. I gave him my payment instructions and payment went through, after this, I continued working until I was finished with the flat colors. Proof of conversation: https://sta.sh/21h8etmftqsh?edit=1

    After then, I noticed I got a chargeback filed against me, an unauthorized payment claim. I, of course confronted the client (can bee seen in proof above) about it, I got told it was their mother who did this. I immediately stopped working on the pieces all together and blacklisted and blocked the client. Proof of chargeback: https://sta.sh/0jzd63mq1k9

    I have contacted Paypal through their Twitter in DM's, they'll look into this.

    The YCH has been re-sold to two of my friends, so no money was lost.

    PROOF: https://sta.sh/2vj2q5qj1lz?edit=1

    Edited broken HTML code to just links. Sorry about that!

    UPDATE:The case got reviewed by Paypal and was decided in Wi-Fi's favor, meaning they got their money back. I myself don't mind it as no money was actually taken by me (friends who covered the loss). It's just kind of funny Paypal wanted me to provide proof when I couldn't do so. I got no strike whatsoever, so I'm fine with that. Proof of the closed claim: https://sta.sh/01ujtmqpg41q

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