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  • Caution: Brooke M

    • Who: Brooke Maude
      Where: Facebook
      When: 02/24/2020
      What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    I recently sold my Talon cosplay from Borderlands 3 (which was a fursuit). Originally I was asking for £200 because I needed space and money. Client asked if I was willing to take £150 (+ 10 postage) and I agreed.

    This morning I scroll through my feed to find they have re-listed my fursuit, completely unedited and with no credit on either the photos or the actual item and being sold for £275. Needless to say I feel very ripped off and undercut. I spent a lot of time on that suit and it now feels like I have been taken advantage of which downright sucks.

    I have now also discovered she is claiming credit for making him.

    Also during the buying process I was harassed every day about postage when I explained I work during the week so it may be a while till I post it and I will update as and when it would be shipped out. They also claimed to lose the chat? So I had to re-send photos. I even fixed up and added some new details/ made a digital badge completely FREE.

    Anyway, evidence attached. 

















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    Mod Note: We're putting this through as a caution, specifically due to the misrepresentation of the seller, and by extension, all other products sold by this person could likely be falsely represented. While it's frustrating to have your work re-sold for a higher price, there's nothing any one person can do can prevent that and it is a risk you take with any product sold. (all the more reason why you should price high and value your time and skill) With that in mind, please keep comments related to misrepresentation. You may offer condolences for the situation but we do not want the topic to veer too much into the ethics of re-selling artisan works.

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