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  • Artist Beware: Alzeaker / Alzerif

    • Who: Alzeaker / Alzerif
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/alzeaker
      When: 06/18/2018
      What: Commission

    To start, a good friend of mine asked me to get a commission piece together. Long story short, we found this local artist and commissioned him on June 18 2018.

    A mistake we made is to wire the money instead of using PayPal. It's pretty usual for local artist here to discount their commission price if the commissioner is local and wire the money via local bank transfer. So we did


    Transaction proof and chat:


    My friend: "We've transferred the money"
    Alzeaker: "Ok got it, please kindly wait~"

    Also, IDR 500.000 is ~$35


    Proof of Transaction.
    P.S: It's different from the first because my bank's app has changed their user interface.

    And the wait begins....



    Alzeaker: "ey halo, sorry I was just seeing the chat. messenger lite doesn't have any notification it seems ? I could work on the commission by Monday tomorrow, btw i wanna ask how's your new ref?"
    Alzeaker: "This is just the sketch, is the character too small?"
    So we got the sketch on August 27, 2018. Great.

    Then silence once again...

    Translation: Halo, how's my commission?

    Not long after that, my friend escalate it into a full blown rant over on her timeline. Drama ensued.
    Unfortunately I don't have that juicy screenshots as she already deleted it.

    So, after all the drama and jazz. I tried contacting him via Telegram

    Can't refund and not in the mood to do "background" of the previous sketch. Ok, I made a compromise and ask him to redo / change the commission with optional background in case he's not in the mood again.
    Fast forward today:


    Honestly I'm not hoping this commission to ever finish.

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